History of IAU

November 1985 witnessed the establishment of one of the most important academic centers in the country , namely the Science and Research Branch of the Islamic Azad University (SRBIAU),tasked to enhance the youth education enabling them to specialize and be more efficient.Located in Tehran ,the SRBIAU began activities with the enrolment of 250 students in humanities,engineering,basic sciences and agriculture .
In relatively no time SRBIAU grew so fast that presently it is home to 16 faculties and 4 research – laboratory centers offering 334 disciplines at graduate and doctorate levels with a total of 15500 graduates .
The SRBIAU academic staff includes 800 highly qualified full time and part time members as well as a visiting professors from amongst the notable personalities in the realm of science and research.
The research and educational processes in the SRBIAU are in line with the provisions and enactment of the Islamic Azad University High Council of Planning and those of the Ministry of Science .Research and Technology.
Activities of SRBIAU have brought considerable benefits to the country ,including the establishment of research centers such as Gene Bank registration of a number of inventions by student body and conduct of several research projects.
The graduate and PhD students of the SRBIAU along with the faculty members have so far published numerous papers in ISI journal paving the way for accomplishing and promoting the mission and vision of the university.




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كلمه جايگذين عكس
كلمه جايگذين عكس
كلمه جايگذين عكس